Enphase Microinverters

Simpler, smarter solar with the world's leading micro-inverter technology. Enphase micro-inverters allow each solar module to operate independently for a greater performance and higher overall energy production. And after an unprecedented 1 million hours of quality testing and 5 million units in the field, they deliver a solar solution you can count on.

Enphase Envoy

The Enphase Envoy connects every Enphase micro-inverter on your roof to their monitoring software, this can be seen on your computer or mobile device. Envoy keeps you in constant contact so you always have the most up-to-date performance data at your fingertips.

Enphase Enlighten

With Enphase Enlighten, you can monitor your system's performance in real time through an engaging, easy-to-use interface. You will have the ability to keep tabs on your system's output and health using My Enlighten.

Enphase Engage Cable and Accessories

The Enphase Engage Cable is a sleek Engage coupler replacing bulky junction boxes and keeps wiring out of sight.

Enphase App

Download the Enphase app on your smart phone so you can keep up to date with what your Solar power is producing.

Quiet and discreet!

The Fujitsu Sleep Pump is a discreet ducted system which will heat & cool 3 - 4 bedrooms quietly and effectively. As well as a perfect heating solution this system will also cool your rooms during those hot sticky nights in summer.

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