The Enlighten software platform provides owners with ongoing operations and uptime assurance. For system owners, MyEnlighten provides an engaging interface to view and share energy production.

Enlighten Manager For Solar Professionals

Designed for the solar professional, Enlighten Manager streamlines the operations & maintenance processes & enables efficient management of multiple Enphase systems.


View detailed performance data from a fleet of PV installations down to the individual module.

Streamline operations and easily monitor activations in process.

Compare actual system performance data against modeled performance data.

Remotely diagnose and resolve issues impacting system performance and easily determine whether an unplanned truck roll is necessary.

Receive automatic emails of events affecting system performance. Or view maintenance issues on graphs or maps.

Access performance data for PV module warranty claims.

Access performance reports 24/7 with secure, backed-up online data storage.

Enlighten Manager can be provided to system owners for an activation fee.

MyEnlighten For System Owners

MMyEnlighten connects system owners to their PV system through an engaging interface that displays energy production, system health and environmental benefits.


With at-a-glance views of energy production and performance, system owners can see their system is performing as expected.

Compare current performance against a previous day week or month.

View historical weather data to understand variations in performance.

System status indicator tells you when the system is not performing as expected and what can be done to restore performance.

One-click sharing with integrated social media buttons. Accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

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